​SF-30 SSC – Solvent Cleaning System

Solvent retention features unique to the Shyre range: triple coil reflux cooling, vapour break, 150% freeboard, (with optional auto top-up and solvent monitoring on the larger systems) – ensure that systems are safe and comply fully with environmental and safety legislation.​ These design features also mean that Shyre systems can operate with low, predictable solvent […]

PT60 – Aqueous Cleaning System

Providing a typical 6 stage pre-treatment process, the PT60 delivers the signature Shyre performance with configurations to meet your needs. Application: Pre-Treatment​ Configuration​ Processing prior to  dip coating, rework stripping, tool cleaning​.

SU200​ – Strip and Rinse Unit​

Shyre Precision Cleaning Machines are the leading choice for industry professionals looking for reliable and efficient cleaning solutions. Our Strip and Rinse Unit provides high performance ultrasonic tool cleaning and lens stripping applications​. Delivery industry leading results