HC200 Coating System

Providing high performance production, the HC200 delivers an integrated cleaning and coating process with capacity for 200 lenses per hour. This efficient process machine can feature a range of optional coating tanks to meet your needs.

Umbra 200 Coating System

The Umbra 200 Coating System features some of Shyre’s signature expert design and delivery processes. Featuring our in-house proprietary photochromic coating manufacturing, this full enclosed operational system delivers industry leading results. Shyre’s proprietary photochromic coating is manufactured in-house​ High margin product – save 90%+ on cost of photochromic lenses vs our coating cost per lens​ Massive reduction […]


Chromoflux, new Photochromic Materials for batch production process. ​Allows for an easy method of adding photochromic properties to injection-moulded, extruded, or 3D-Printed plastics​. Designed to survive a variety of manufacturing temperatures and processes that normal photochromic dyes can not.​ Chromoflux is designed to work with plastics that typical photochromic dyes are not compatible with. Compatible with: Acetate​ […]

Nano-Tint Coatings

Three Problems with Conventional Tinting:​ 1. Lifetime – Normal tints bleach / fade over time 2. Many Substrates are difficult or impossible to tint​ 3. Consistency – High operator skill is required to attain “acceptable” tolerances​ ​Tinting by dip-coating in Shyre’s new Nano-Tint material allows any substrate to be tinted accurately & consistently, and the nano-tint does not fade or bleach.

Umbra Photochromic Lenses

Leading activation darkness ​ Totally clear indoors.​ Available in grey, brown and bespoke colours​ 100% UV protection​ Premium Abrasion Resistance: Bayer 4-5+​ Chemical Resistance​ Optical Clarity ​ Long Photochromic Life​ Compatible with Anti-Reflective Lens Treatments

Photochromic Coatings

Shyre’s proprietary photochromic coating is manufactured in-house. High margin product – save 90%+ on cost of photochromic lenses​. Massive reduction in stockholding value​. Compatible with all substrates.​ Customise darkness and gradient​. Generation 5 (G5) released 2021​. Performance competitive with leading brands​. High durability and long lifetime.

AFC – Anti-Fog Coatings

Other anti-fog coatings are tacky to the touch and mark easily and have generally not been widely accepted by the market.​ Our AFC lenses have a glossy and durable finish with excellent Anti-fogging performance.​ Shyre is growing the market for Anti-fog coatings on Ophthalmic lenses​.

Cleaning Chemicals

Highly engineered chemistry and established processes covering a wide range of industries and applications​. Shyre is an official NGL Distributor ​ Aqueous cleaning materials manufactured by NGL ​ ​Quality and performance is second to none ​ ​Fast Delivery from the UK​ Shyre supply globally ​ ​Full Process Support – remote and/or in-person

Shyre Shield – Hard (Anti-Scratch) Coatings and Primers

All Shyre Shield hardcoat materials provide optimum abrasion resistance, adhesion, clarity and lifetime. Shyre is an official PPG Distributor ​ Hard coat materials manufactured by PPG ​ Quality and performance of coatings is second to none ​ Fast Delivery from the UK​ Shyre supply hard coating & consumables globally ​ Full Process Support – remote and/or in-person  


Shyre’s W200 automated cleaning system was developed specifically for the semiconductor industry. The W200 is a wet bench tool designed to meet the stringent requirements of the semiconductor manufacturing processes; the system provides a reliable and cost-effective solution for cleaning and preparation of wafers and other sensitive components during production.